Diploma in Catechetics and Religious Education

The online program is designed to bring the Institute’s renowned theological program to the door steps of many individuals who yearn for sound theological education but are unable, for different reasons, to engage in fulltime studies.

The program prepares candidates for assuming the very important role as Catechists, Religious educators and teachers in their respective parishes, schools and institutions. It seeks to enhance the knowledge and skills of educators to faith who can impart the truths of Christian faith making use of well-grounded pedagogical methods and approaches.
Through a delicate blending of courses drawn from the theological and behavioral sciences, candidates are trained to acquire the skills needed to understand and acquire knowledge and competencies for imparting the truth of Christian Faith. To acquire principles and methodologies in the area of education to faith. To accompany children, adolescents, youths and adult to an encounter with Jesus Christ. To organise the process of preparation to the Sacraments.

The Online Diploma program runs for a period of 104 weeks and is 100% online. The program is structured in a way that will enable students meet the demand of their respective employement/trade/apostolate, while acquiring concurrently a very sound theological, pastoral and spiritual formation