This programme prepares its participants to assume a very important role as formators in their respective religious institutes. The target audience is Postulant Director/Directress, Novice Director/Directress, Director/Directress of young professed religious, Director/Directress of Scholasticates, Vocation Directress/Directors, Directors/Directress of Ongoing Formation and so on.

The goal of the programme is to enable participants to come to a deeper and more enlightened understanding of their Christian faith practice within the context of their specific state of life. It is designed to guide participants towards a more mature and integrated Christian life as demanded by their specific state of life. It equips participants with the resources necessary to become more fruitful and effective pastoral agents in their apostolate or ministry. Lastly, it trains and prepares candidates for dedication to delicate tasks of religious formation and spiritual direction.

The duration of this programme is two years spread out into six modules.  A module lasts for three weeks of intensive engagement. Three Modules are spread out within an academic year. Interested candidates cannot be admitted to this programme without a letter of recommendation from their respective major superior/diocesan bishop.