Certificate in Theology and Christian Spirituality

The online program is designed to bring the Institute’s renowned theological program to the door steps of many individuals who yearn for sound theological education but are unable, for different reasons, to engage in fulltime studies.

This certificate program is designed to provide participants (Consecrated Persons and laity) a deeper understanding and appreciation of their Christian faith and tradition. It helps them to acquire the needed pastoral skills for fruitful and effective ministry/apostolate, thus becoming important collaborators with their pastors in the various aspects of the pastoral ministry. It provides the theological and spiritual formation that could enrich their personal lives. This program is entirely online, you study at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

The Online certificate program runs for a period of 52 weeks and is 100% online. The program is structured in a way that will enable students meet the demand of their respective employement/trade/apostolate, while acquiring concurrently a very sound theological, pastoral and spiritual formation.