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The School of Pastoral and Religious Education is the culmination of a series of initiatives undertaken by some members of the faculty of the Dominican Institute, led by the President Emeritus, Rev. Prof. Anthony Akinwale, O.P., to establish programs that will provide ongoing formation to consecrated persons, priests and laypersons. This initiative began in 2009 and was then simply known as the Spirituality Program. The positive response to this initiative, particularly from a number of female religious congregations, would prompt the restructuring of the whole program for more effective delivery. This restructuring will result in the establishment of the School of Pastoral and Religious Education as an arm of the Dominican Institute. The School is headed by a Director who reports directly to the President of the Institute.


As an arm of the Dominican Institute, the School of Pastoral and Religious Education draws from the same intellectual wellspring for which Dominicans are well noted. The foundation of the School of Pastoral and Religious Education is in line with the already established role of the Dominicans in Nigeria in various formative programs. Among these include the Joint Novitiate Program hosted in the Priory of St. Thomas Aquinas, Ibadan. The Dominican friars supply most of the instructors for this program. Included also, is the first ever theological formation program for laypersons in Nigeria. Established in 2004 by the then Pastor of St. Dominic Church, Yaba, Fr. Vincent Ubili, O.P., the Siena Institute of Theology for Lay Persons (SITLAP), was the first of its kind. Since its establishment it has continued to provide basic theological and doctrinal formation to laypersons, particularly those resident in Lagos. The Dominicans are, therefore, known to have a well-established tradition of providing sound and excellent formative programs. This tradition is what is embodied in the School of Pastoral and Religious Education


To Enable Participants :
come to a deeper and more enlightened understanding of their Christian faith practice within the context of their specific state of life

To Lead Participants :
Towards a more matured and integrated Christian life as demanded by their specific state of life.

To equip Participants:
With the resources necessary to become more fruitful and effective pastoral agents in their apostolate or ministry.

To enrich :
The quality of the pastoral and spiritual life of the church in Africa within the changing contexts of contemporary African society by providing sound theological, doctrinal, spiritual, pastoral and moral formation that is deeply rooted in the rich tradition of the Catholic church

To serve :
As a beacon of spiritual and moral authority for individuals, families and groups particularly in the often ambiguous and relativistic contexts of contemporary society.

Our Vision

To serve as the leading School of formation for the Church in Africa

Our Mission

To provide the Church in Africa with well – trained personnel who will effectively carry on its mission of evangelizaion